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Boogins-hamster breath

This is little Boogins,
Sweet as he can be.
My little dog is quick,
As soon you will see .
I had a little hamster
Ivan was his name.
He bit the hand that fed him ,
And he held no shame.
When I tried to feed the little critter
My finger he would bite.
I pulled it back in terror ,
He held with all his might.
My finger I retracted
Through the air he flew,
Boogins was behind me
He did what dogs will do,
He jumped the little critter !
The little carcass he did snatch,
The hamster was no more.
Gone before I reacted,
He ran for the back door
And on it he did scratch
The critter I extracted,
Much to Boog's dismay.
He never bites the hand that feeds him ,
And So he lives today. By Kitty, owner of a new and kinder hamster.
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By Kitty Scheuerman

Latest comments

05.04 | 10:52

Sweetest pets I'v ever had-helped to soften the funerals of Aunt Marla and Grandpa Phil for the GrandKids

05.04 | 02:19

You're off to a great start Are you gonna put up a picture with the giant ears? I loved seeing them and had a great laugh each time I saw them. All the best..

05.04 | 01:43

Hello! Your website looks great! Nice work!

15.07 | 17:02
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